Sunday, November 04, 2007


Ethically created fat geese

I can now continue on my path to contract gout ethically thanks to the morally driven farmers from Badajoz.

Guilt-free foie gras has been developed in Spain, so while bulls may have their ears set on fire and forced to run around the pedestrian free town centres (Vila Real), hens can get their heads pulled off (was told this happened in Basque Country) and goats get thrown from the tops of towers (probably an urban myth), geese are fattened then slaughtered sensitively. The article reports that the geese are fed free range so that there bellies can scrape along the floor, "They feast on figs, acorns, lupins, grain and olives left in piles around the 30-acre farm until, after 14 days of gorging, their bellies touch the ground and their livers are deemed big enough". They really eat well.

The image of fat bellies running around the fields of Badajoz reminds me of a queue of taxi drivers waiting out side the airport at Barajas.

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