Sunday, November 04, 2007


Ethically created fat geese

I can now continue on my path to contract gout ethically thanks to the morally driven farmers from Badajoz.

Guilt-free foie gras has been developed in Spain, so while bulls may have their ears set on fire and forced to run around the pedestrian free town centres (Vila Real), hens can get their heads pulled off (was told this happened in Basque Country) and goats get thrown from the tops of towers (probably an urban myth), geese are fattened then slaughtered sensitively. The article reports that the geese are fed free range so that there bellies can scrape along the floor, "They feast on figs, acorns, lupins, grain and olives left in piles around the 30-acre farm until, after 14 days of gorging, their bellies touch the ground and their livers are deemed big enough". They really eat well.

The image of fat bellies running around the fields of Badajoz reminds me of a queue of taxi drivers waiting out side the airport at Barajas.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


What a laugh

Although I am a guirri I am a crap Guirri not only do I live about 20 miles away from any other northern european, but at the Giggling Guirri last night in madrid I only knew the people I went with whereas all my friends seemed to know everybody else in the room, it was like been a member of a club but knowing no-one in the club. There was a great commedian who entertained us with his views on guirris and foreigners abroad, his foot and general observations on life. He was playing to a packed out audience at TEATRO ALFIL. My brother had told me about this guy he has seen him on Paramount comedy in the UK, Adam Hills.

He has a very good take on languages and national characteristics.

Its the first time I have seen a comedian in the last 7 years in Spain (well a standup one anyway). And the great news is that there are plenty more to come at this theatre.

Comedy in Spain Site is well worth a look, its great that the people who run the Giggling Guiri comedy club have such enthusiasm and energy. I hope they realise that they make a difference for foreigners living in Spain and that people appreciate it.

Here are some clips of him I found on youtube.

I just hope he comes to town again, and I must try and get to know more people


Monday, October 01, 2007


a quick link

This made me giggle this morning it is about a Labour minister who was photoshopped in on an NHS photo . Here is a take on this



I really need to start understanding Spainsh politics, it was a task I set myself to do but still haven´t got round to it.

Some good Humour of the satirical type at south of watford here


Sunday, September 30, 2007


What words are these pictures painting

The picture burnings of the King and Queen are a total disgrace. I think it is the most infantile method of showing opposition to something. The TV pictures I saw had the photos of the King and Queen upside down while being set alight by a protester with the rest of the crowd cheering him on. I know that it is only a couple of thousand people so it really is not worth worrying about, but if they finally achieve what they wish who would want this lot in charge. The politics aside, the Queen does many good works and I think that it demonstrates a lack of respect for the person rather than the institution. They will probably do their cause no favours, as I think that many people in Spain will be horrified.

They will be burning efigies next.

The say a picture paints a thousand words, well I daredn´t think what this paints.

Election - UK It might be worth sorting out very quickly any voting rights, I read that there will be a cut off date very soon. I contacted my local council in the UK.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


How to save 868,000,000 euros

The Air force is buying 87 Euro fighters and according to El Pais each one costs 124,000,000 million euros. Why don´t they just buy 80 and save 868,000,000 euros. One of the justifications is that 22,000 jobs are involved. It seems quite an expensive way to keep down the numbers of people claiming the paro. Funny how an election is around the corner as well.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Another incentive to keep practicing Spanish

I have just found another incentive to continue with my epic adventure of trying to develop my Spanish, being bi-lingual keeps the brain sharp according to the BBC. This is quite handy because I need to phone Jazztel tomorrow to explain to then it is the router NOT our tele that is on the blink.


Monday, September 10, 2007


Don Limpio´s private life

Whenever we stay in a saturday R makes me sit through about 17 hours of salsa rosa programmes. Sometimes they are enjoyable sometimes unbelievable. Usually the guest end up crying and being overly melodramatic when I think many of their problems would easily be solved in they just bought tamazapan on a regular basis. However I think I have found who would be the perfect guest, Don Limpio, while he flirts with the housewives on the TV and leads them up the wrong path he must have deep seated issues with his own sexuality. I have never seen a cleaning product advertised by someone so obvioulsy gay.

Gran Hermano - last night the new series started, two sisters who were guests met for the first time, and the tackiest of the two when confronted by a long lost sister, who she obviusly had no idea about , instead of been emotionally overwrought just asked for a light. Amazing!!

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